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Special Educations Services

Gan Yeladim collaborates with THREAD, a non-profit organization that provides consultants to Early Childhood Institutions in Anchorage to support the emotional and social development of all children especially those children who need extra attention inside the classroom.


THREAD offers services that assists the Gan Yeladim staff with any necessary recommendations to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment for a child with a special need. Through THREAD’s Early

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Childhood Consultation Project, a relationship between parent and professional within a early care and education program is formed and an expert with specific technical/content knowledge provides information to address an identified need. The overall purpose of this collaboration is to promote quality social-emotional foundation within Gan Yeladim and to support the continuity of care for young children. Consultants may conduct several visits at the child’s early care and education to observe, talk with the program staff, and to create a plan to assist the teachers in meeting the unique needs of your child in the classroom. Consultants may make recommendations about specific strategies to implement in the classroom and at home and can also provide information about resources in the community beyond their scope of work.

THREAD Consultants Provide Advice and Resources for Children and Families in the following areas:

  • Screening, identifying and addressing developmental, learning and behavior challenges that interfere with success at school.

  • Identifying and resolving emotional, academic and social barriers to learning.

  • Designing and implementing child progress monitoring systems.

  • Designing and implementing academic and behavioral interventions.

  • Enhancing understanding and acceptance of children’s diverse needs and supporting effective individualized instruction.

  • Supporting children’s social, emotional, and behavioral health.

  • Determining eligibility for special education evaluation and services and make appropriate referrals.

  • Supporting families through the process of Early Intervention and Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

  • Teaching parenting skills and facilitate the home–school connection.

  • Providing screening, reading support, resources (including referrals) and practical strategies for children who need extra attention inside the classroom.  Suggestions and classroom modifications are made according to the individual needs of children. 

  • Creating positive classroom environments.

  • Supporting strategies that motivate all children to engage in playing and learning.

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